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Neck lift Plastic Surgery Cost in Gurgaon

 Neck lift Plastic Surgery Cost in Gurgaon : Ageing is a rule of nature. Gravity, Sunlight and the change in the internal structure of the face leads to the ageing of the face.

An inversion of the young triangular face takes place as a result of which the old face is like an upright triangle as opposed to the inverted triangular face of the younger individuals. This fact remains true across all ethnicities.

The surgery varies in range from minimally invasive ?lunchtime lifts? to more extensive, sophisticated surgery. A face lift removes excess skin, tightens underlying tissues and muscle and redrapes skin on the face and neck. It can correct midface sagging, marionette lines, jowls and a double chin, maintaining its reputation as the ? gold standard? for facial rejuvenation. Every year, thousands of people undergo successful face lift surgery and are pleased with the results which are long lasting.

When to Consider a Face lift?

  • If you feel that your face does not reflect your youthful spirit and energy level
  • If you determine that your facial sagging and excess skin is a social or career obstacle
  • If you show signs of facial aging but still have some skin elasticity
  • One day you look in the mirror and realize that time, gravity, sun exposure and heredity have taken a toll and you simply do not look like yourself any more.

How is a face lift procedure performed?

A face lift procedure has to be tailored to the individual needs. Sometimes, your Plastic Surgeon will suggest a combination of procedures to pull-up and plump-up your face for better results. Most face lift techniques focus on the lower facial areas, such as the jawline, jowls and cheeks. A face lift can also focus on the midface or the forehead. In some techniques, deeper facial tissues may be repositioned or tightened to restore a more youthful contour. In other techniques, removal or addition of fat or other soft-tissue fillers may be necessary to achieve the best results.

Once the incisions are made, various degrees of ?undermining? of your skin is performed, and the deeper layers of your face and neck are lifted. Undermining separates the overlying skin of the face and neck from the muscles and tissues deep to the skin. This frees or loosens facial and neck skin so it can be redraped at the end of the procedure, making sure skin is smooth.

Finally, your surgeon redrapes the skin over the new underlying structure and closes the incisions with stitches and/or small metal clips. Where needed, drainage tubes may be inserted. A padded, supportive dressing is usually applied.

What are my options?

There are several approaches to face lift surgery. Your plastic surgeon will recommend an approach based on your goals and facial characteristics, including the shape of your face. The You may be suited to a short scar technique where the placement and length of incisions vary, depending on the face lift technique that best suits you.

What will my face lift incisions and scars be like?

Regardless of the type of face lift you undergo, you will have incisions that involve the skin around your ear.

1. The incision line usually runs along hairline and within the natural contours in front and behind the ears.
2. Skin is then pulled back and the incision is closed.

Traditional face lift:

Incisions are made in the hairline at the temples, continuing down and around the front of your ears and hidden in the natural creases behind your ears in your lower hair-bearing scalp.

Short-scar face lift:

Shorter incisions are made in your hairline, starting at your temples and continuing down and around the front of your ears, hidden in the natural creases. There may also be incisions in the lower eyelids and temporal area.

Modified incisions include variations of the short scar with shorter incisions around the ear.

Face lift scars can be virtually invisible: narrow, flat, and well placed behind the ear so you can wear your hair close-cropped.

Minimal face lift techniques with fast recoveries will last the least amount of time

  • MACS lift:

Refers to a face lift with a limited amount of skin undermining with no SMAS mobilisation. With this technique, recovery is fast and results can last up to five years.

  • Full or standard classic face lift:

The incision is as for a classical face lift with the incision around the ear and going into the hair at the back. As trip of SMAS is excised and remaining edges are stitched together to achieve the lift. The recovery is longer (two to four weeks), but the results generally can last over ten years.

  • The more extensive the procedure, the longer the recovery period will be, and the longer you will enjoy the results.

In a special technique from LACLINIC, Switzerland where Dr Shilpi Bhadani received her advanced aesthetic surgery training, she learnt to combine the neck-lift with the face-lift procedure.
A technique where the neck is not dealt with in combination with facelift, it is a job Half-done.

 Neck lift Plastic Surgery Cost in Gurgaon


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