Meso Therapy

Mesotherapy (hair fall treatment in Gurgaon)

Mesotherapy has become a really common procedure to address the complaints of excessive hair fall. This hair regrowth treatment is suitable for both men and women. This therapy non-invasive and helps hair to get the required nutrients which boost the hair growth. This is why this treatment is considered to be one of the best treatments for hair fall as there are no complications associated with it.

Who are the suitable candidates for Mesotherapy?

This can be determined by the doctor during a personal consultation by understanding the patient’s concerns, his/her medical status and history. After physical examination & a few tests, the doctor can diagnose the root cause of the problem and advise whether mesotherapy is a suitable procedure for an individual.

Usually, it is a very safe procedure and most people qualify for this treatment, including:

  • Those who are 18yrs or above with good physical health.
  • Those who are experiencing hair fall, hair thinning or dullness of hair.
  • Those who have realistic expectations from the procedure and understand that it can only improve hair growth and can’t treat baldness.

Those who are pregnant, consuming blood thinners, AIDS infected, or suffering from chronic ailments should avoid this treatment.

What is the cause of hair fall?

Many individuals suffer from hair fall and excessive hair fall can ultimately lead to baldness. That’s why seeking timely treatment for hair fall is crucial. There can be many reasons behind excessive hair fall, including:

  • Stress
  • Hereditary/ family history of alopecia
  • Poor nutrition
  • Medical conditions like diabetes

Both men as well as women suffer from this problem and are always in search of a solution to overcome this problem. Mesotherapy is a trusted and very frequently performed hair fall treatment worldwide as it rarely has any side effects.

How does mesotherapy work to reverse hair fall?

Mesotherapy is a hair treatment that involves injecting vitamins, minerals, and amino acid mixtures into the scalp. With the help of this procedure, the components that provide nutrients to the hair follicles get easily settled in the hair. Hair loss can be treated with this procedure because it thickens the thin and weak hair, stops hair loss, and makes the hair healthier and shinier.

Mesotherapy efficiently reduces the chances of scalp inflammation, resulting in a healthy environment for hair growth. Scalp pruritus, a common itchy scalp condition, is a type of scalp inflammation that is known to affect hair growth.

Dirt, grime, and oil can block our hair follicles, resulting in uneven pH levels in the skin. This unevenness can have a significant impact on the skin’s ability to protect our bodies and fight illness. Mesotherapy can restore the normal PH levels.

Therefore, Mesotherapy is an excellent way to improve the quality of hair. However, it is important that the treatment is carried out by a skilled professional in order to achieve the desired results.

Post-treatment care instructions

  • Washing hair, particularly with shampoo, is not advisable for at least 1-2 days post-treatment. Chemicals present in the shampoos can have a negative impact on the results of this procedure, causing the healing process to be slightly delayed.
  • For a few days, avoid direct sun exposure as the scalp may feel sensitive.
  • Do not go swimming. Showering should be avoided for the first 10 hours after mesotherapy and make sure injection sites are dried well.
  • For at least 7 days, avoid using the sauna or swimming pool.
  • Massage the injection area only when it has totally healed.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol for a at least a week.
  • There are some tablets recommended for mesotherapy to deliver great results which also help in stimulating hair growth.
  • There are some tablets recommended for mesotherapy to deliver great results which also help in stimulating hair growth.


Frequently Asked Questions About Mesotherapy

Q.1 Is mesotherapy safe?

Ans. Mesotherapy is a safe, reliable, and painless procedure. There is no damage caused to the area treated as very tiny needles are used to inject the required nutrients into the scalp. It also helps to increase the circulation of blood. So, not only does it promote hair growth, but provides overall rejuvenation to the scalp as well.

Q.2 How much does Mesotherapy cost?

Ans. The cost will be determined by the severity of the condition. If the hair is too thin, additional treatments may be required.

Q.3 How many sessions of mesotherapy are needed to see hair growth?

Ans. On an average, 6-10 sessions are recommended to obtain maximum results.

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