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Short-Scar Face Lift or Soft-Lift

Short scar face lift has become a popular face lift in recent years and sometimes is referred to a s soft lift, or an ‘S’ lift. These descriptions essentially describe the short scar which runs around the side burn and down to the earlobe, a kind of S shape.

Through this short incision there is enough space to raise up the deeper tissues and rejuvenate the face, neck and jowl. This technique and terminology should not be confused with thread lift.

short scar face lift

  • The short scar face lift or mini lift can produce substantial and lasting improvement only for appropriate candidates, and it has the advantage of a short recovery time as well. Because the incision and operation is shortened there is less swelling and bruising and recovery can be shortened to several days rather than a week or longer. The short scar face lift works well for individuals with moderate laxity in the neck and jowl.
  • It has to be understood who are seeking this procedure that the limited techniques work well for people we have moderate laxity and will not replace a traditional face-lift in terms of results. If there is extensive jowling and laxity there can be a bunching up of skin through this technique. In those cases only a traditional face lift will suffice.
    Talking to your plastic surgeon is the best possible way to understand if a short-scar face lift or a soft lift will be appropriate for you.
  • Age cannot be a defining criteria for which approach to take , thus face-lifts are not decided according to age brackets because all of us age differently.
  • The key to facial rejuvenation is safety, substantial improvement, with a manageable recovery, and in this day and age a short recovery is no doubt an attractive option where the individual can go back to his routine activities early.


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