Calf Implant

Calf Implant

Calf augmentation with implants is a procedure to improve the size and shape of the calf. Patients seek calf implants to enhance and define the lower leg if it cannot be achieved through exercise alone, or to correct a muscle imbalance resulting from physical or birth defects.

When To Consider Calf Implants

  • If you seek to increase the size of the calf
  • If you desire a lower leg that is more proportionate to your thigh
  • If you are a bodybuilder and you?ve reached the plateau of calf enlargement with exercise
  • If you wish to correct lower leg defects resulting from injury; disease, such as polio; or from birth conditions



  • Enlarges and shapes the calf as desired, generally in a single procedure
  • Fast and easy to perform
  • Adds both bulk and definition in the bodybuilder seeking further muscle development


  • Patients experience swelling and discomfort of the lower leg in the immediate postoperative period
  • Recovery to full physical activity generally takes 4 to 6 weeks
  • Final result can take a few months after surgery to fully appreciate

The Procedure:

  • Your legs are measured during a preoperative office visit to determine the correct implant size for you. The implants are then ordered for surgery.
  • The day of surgery, you are given Intravenous sedation and local anesthesia and placed in the prone position (lying face down) on the operating table.
  • The incision is made at the back of the knee, through the skin and fascia covering the gastrocnemius muscle.
  • Once the tibial nerve is located, the procedure can proceed without much concern for encountering other nerves or arteries, because there are few in this area.
  • A pocket large enough only for the implant is made between this fascia and muscle, into which the implant is inserted.
  • Once the implant is inserted the leg is examined before the incision is closed.

You are then placed in the supine position and taken to recovery.



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