Breast Augmentation Without Implants

Breast Augmentation Without Implants

In the 21st Century, Fat Grafting has transformed Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. It is replacing synthetic products in voluminising a particular feature especially the face and the breast. In women who desire breast augmentation but are not willing to resort to do it with the help of implants or want breast enlargement without surgery, Fat grafting is a good alternative.

This offers a double advantage that the area (most commonly the abdomen) from which fat is taken appears flatter and as a result of which the breast looks all the more voluminous relatively and that the material used in the augmentation is autologous.


The limiting factor of breast augmentation id however the resorption of fat that occurs which is somewhat unpredictable and that the procedure has to be repeated about 2-3 times to achieved the desired effect.

But, even with its disadvantages fat grafting is being increasingly resorted to as a method of augmentation beacause it is ?maintainance free? has no inherent risks of rupture, repeat surgeries, capsular contractures or change of implants as with the breast implants.

Breast Enlargement Without Surgery


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