Dr. Shilpi Bhadani - Plastic Surgeon

An emerging and recognized expert in aesthetic surgery of the face and body, Dr Shilpi MS, MCh (Plastic Surgery) is a dedicated professional providing natural results and exceptional care to patients as well as conducting groundbreaking research. She is committed to offering patients the latest innovations in surgical and nonsurgical procedures, also providing the facts about what is safe and realistic.

Dr. Shilpi realizes that surgery is only a part of the solution for patients. She quotes her specialty it to be a problem solving one and provides unsurpassed advice and care to patients about healthy lifestyle and achievements through natural results.

The art and the fascination of making something beautiful and raising the bar with every case that you perform is her inspiration.

Her patients can count on her knowledge of trends in plastic surgery and insights into effective and safe procedures for the face and body. A major part of Dr. Shilpi’s dedication to excellence includes being accessible to patients. She works to empower patients with facts about plastic surgery and answer any questions they may have before, during, or after a procedure. Dr. Shilpi has acquired her surgical skills in the field of Plastic and Cosmetic surgery from prominent plastic surgeons of national and international fame. Her rigorous training is reflected in her diligent surgical skills.
A life time member of Association of Surgeons of India (ASI), she has been trained in one of the world’s best and known Aesthetic Surgery clinic with Dr Michel Pfulg & Dr Serge Le-Huu, Laclinic, Montreux, Switzerland.

“I think that the ability to train yourself to be one of the highest skilled people in a particular field is a quite a task in itself. Not everyone walks that path.”

Dr. Shilpi appears in the media regularly to provide comments on plastic surgery issues. This includes News World India and various newsletters and Quora. She has presented numerous papers in various seminars and attended workshops. She is currently associated with GNH Hospital, Paras Hospital and Cloud 9 Hospital, Gurgaon .

In addition to helping thousands of individual patients throughout her career, Dr. Shilpi believes that patients would no longer require to travel abroad for aesthetic surgical procedures.

“Plastic Surgery is the horizon where science and art meet”


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