Hymenoplasty or Revirginity Surgery

Hymen repair or hymenoplasty  or hymen surgery is a surgery to regain lost virginity. In this surgery the broken, ruptured or torn hymen is repaired. This surgery essentially involves creating flaps of the torn hymen and repairing it.

Long hospital stay is not required and it can be performed under local anesthesia, thus it is considered under a day care procedure. In women who are very apprehensive a general anesthesia can also be resorted to. The procedure is about half an hour long and the patient can leave the hospital soon after. There is usually no visible scarring after the procedure.

In certain cultures the virginity of women is given a lot of importance for marriage. After this surgery there is bleeding at intercourse in most women and the experience of the first intercourse is re-created.


Hymenoplasty should be planned at least a month in advance before the marriage and it is better if more time for healing is available after the procedure. However it is common for girls to come days ahead of the marriage looking for hymen repair. In this situation consultation with our Plastic Surgeon will be better to get an opinion whether the hymen repair can be done or not.

The procedure is usually done in mid-cycle (6th day to 25th day after menses)

It would be surprising to know that even in today’s times hymenoplasty is a fairly common procedure and at The Plastic Surgery Clinic in Gurgaon  on Golf Course Road in UPHI- The Wellness and Surgical Centre in Gurgaon which is considered one of the best hospital for Hymen repair or hymenoplasty many procedures are performed in a given month.  The privacy, confidentiality of the patients is maintained at all costs.


For appointment or cost of surgery by Dr Shilpi Bhadani, best female Cosmetic Surgeon in Gurgaon for hymenoplasty you can contact : +918130134693. Since most of the girls pay for the surgery themselves the cost of hymenoplasty at The Plastic Surgery Clinic is low with best results.


Dr Shilpi Bhadani mob: +918130134693.

Best Hymenoplasty Surgery in Gurgaon

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